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The incorporation of our NanoShield® Tungsten Suboxide into window films, interlayers, and glass coatings provides cost effective management of heat load in vehicles, and residential and commercial building, while providing exceptional optical clarity and nearly a haze free view. 

NanoShield® Tungsten Sub Oxide

NanoShield® Tungsten Suboxide can produce low haze, low VLT films with a fraction of the loading required with other materials. It offers a cost effective solution for low VLT applications.

Our NanoShield® Tungsten Suboxide dispersions are compatible with acrylate resins typically used for the hard coat in window film applications.  Currently NanoShield® Tungsten Suboxide is available in methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) dispersions. However feel free to give our Technical Sales Team a call or send us an email to discuss other possible dispersion solutions for your application

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Our NanoShield® materials can provide Infrared attenuation and UV absorption in various applications and markets.  Feel free to give our technical sales team a call at (630) 771-6709 to discuss your application or send an email by clicking here (sales-marketing@nanophase.com)

IR Film


NanoShield® materials can be used to provide Infrared protection for the interior of the car. Allowing the interior of the car to stay cooler thus providing a more comfortable environment for passengers. NanoShield ® materials can be incorporated into film layers, exterior coatings, and adhesive layers. 

Plastic Polymers


Film, sheet or molded products often require UV Protection or IR attenuation that may be critical to the long term performance of the substrate or items that the substrate protects. Our Nanoshield® materials can be incorporated into various applications to provide UV protection and IR Attenuation while allowing for a transparent final product.


The incorporation of our NanoShield® materials into surface coatings can provide effective management of radiant heat without significantly impacting the optical clarity or other desirable physical properties of the article on which it is applied.

Solar Control Materials
NanoShield® Tungsten Sub Oxide

IR Protection

Able to achieve high TSER values providing exceptional IR protection.

High extinction Coefficient

NanoShiled® Tungsten Sub-Oxide has a high extinction Coefficient that allows it to be used to achieve exceptional and efficient IR protection. 

Ideal for Low VLT applications

Able to achieve lower VLT with the particle while keeping a low haze value. 
NanoShield® Titanium Dioxide


UV Protection

NanoShield® Titanium dioxide provides UV protection through the UV space with exceptional UVB protection.

High extinction Coefficient

NanoShield® Titanium dioxide is able to provide efficient UV protection at low addition levels.

Long Term Protection

Sable for extended periods of time allowing it to be used in applications where longevity is a concern.
NanoShield® Antimony Tin Oxide


IR Protection

NanoShield® Antimony Tin Oxide provides exceptional absorbtion in the Infrared radiation spectrum. 

High extinction Coefficient

Allows the ability to use NanoShield® Antimony Tin Oxide efficiently in the final application in order to provide exceptional cost benefits.

Ideal for higher VLT applications

NanoShield® Antimony Tin Oxide provides exceptional transmittance in the visible light spectrum with exceptionally low haze values.